Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sources of Wellness

In my article entitled “Ways for natural healing” I displayed some interesting links which appeal to me as wellness living articles. It may seem not quite right to have included links which focus on vacation and travel as well as one that talks about dating. I know most people would think that when one speaks about his concern on wellness living the person’s mind must focus on how to remain healthy by eating good food and consuming vitamins and food supplements. I am not opposing the idea that good food and exercises helps keep one fit and strong but it is a fact that wellness has great diversity.
My philosophy about being well is that anything that can keep someone happy for a moment can keep the person happy all the time if the source is maintained appropriately. This simple statement could be argued from different dimensions. However before anyone reaches at a conclusion I would be glad to see my audience read to the end of my message before they form their opinion. Referring to the links that prompted me to defend myself before the time of defense are links dealing with money, dating and vacation and travel.
Money: Most people say that money is the root of evil but I am saying that money buys everything including life. The last phrase must not be confused as related to the fact that money cannot sell off death or pay for death in order for person to keep living. That aspect we know is the undisputable end to all living things both animals and plants. As far as health issues are concerned, money is needed to have good health insurance. Money is needed to buy good food, eat healthy and stay healthy. With money a person is opportune to live in a good house located in beautiful environment. Money helps one to have a settled mind if properly utilized.
The next link is the one that concerns vacation and travel. At this point some of my readers must be asking themselves “what the hell this person means?” Well! People save for month to go for a vacation. Some people do not celebrate any other thing in a year than going to vacation. Some people choose to make multiple stops exploring places and taking pictures. People who do this find joy within the time frame they were involved in the trip. During this period vacationers are reborn. New life infuses into their being; most of their earthly problems if any are forgotten momentarily. The joy they find could be attributed to have added some more time to live on earth. It works so though because too much stress causes a lot of illnesses including but not limited to high Bp. Whenever people come back from vacation, they look refreshed. Their faces stay alive for sometime with wild smiles. When they go back to work the vacation enjoyment mood starts to tear down gradually. In most cases within the first month of resumption of normal duties cranky people go back to their usual state of life. It is all over… the center can no longer hold. The vacation good spirit is no longer the same and minds and conscience is no longer at ease. Would I be wrong in my claim that travels and vacation can be categorized as wellness?
Now comes the last part of my claims – dating. I know a couple of friends who refused to go that mile twice after their so called “Great discovery”. In order for my readers to understand my terminology let me explain what is meant by great discovery. Few of my friends had in the past claimed that having acquaintance with different person at different time is very refreshing and more refreshing than “sticking to an old doll” they said. They actually in their minds do not mean or imply that the person they acquaint with is old rather it is a slogan which implies that they person is no more new to them. Even an old person with walking stick would look fresh in their memory if it is their first time of meeting. In that note, it is clear that people find excitement having to date someone especially if the person has been missing such for a long time. Besides, it is the anxiety to spend sometime with someone appealing and who you think would be interesting and with whom to have some fun that make individual very happy.
Therefore although these articles do not seem to relate by title they gear towards the same ideology though through different channels. These articles, sites to buy products for health, disabled, and vitamins are all dealing with wellness including making money, feeling happy with other person, traveling and cheering up while ion vacation.

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